Possible CBD side effects

Side Effects of CBD \ Why Should You Avoid CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 150+ natural Phytocannabinoids, which are found in strains of hemp, and cannabis plants.  It is used for treatment and management of pains, PSTD, depression, anxiety, anxiety disorders, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, and seizures. It is also used in cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy in conjunction with allopathic approaches.

Its smaller dose can be used to maintain good health. Although is known to have multiple advantages in the field of health and medicine, but there are some side effects too. Here is a detailed description of the side effects of the CBD.

Side Effects of the CBD:

Possible CBD side effects

Some clinical research refers to the possible side effects of CBD. As the intensity and type of the CBD side effects vary from person to person, one must consult a doctor before taking CBD in. Following are some possible side effects of the CBD.

1. Appetite Disturbance 

CBD is linked to the loss of appetite in some people. This will cause an unpleasant feeling after ingesting anything. As happens most of the other side effects, this would disappear gradually.

CBD side effects: loss of appetite

2. Diarrhea 

This side effect of CBD initiates When the cannabinoids indirectly incite the ECS in the digestive tract. It reduces the gastric acid level and improves blood flow in the stomach. This results in the speedy regeneration process.

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CBD Oil Side Effects

3. Dizziness 

Lower doses of CBD are stimulating, improve focus and has an uplifting effect on mood. While higher doses can induce drowsiness. 100mg per session will incite sedative effects. It is important to avoid driving and working on heavy machinery.

4. Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth is a typical side effect associated with all cannabis products due to their saliva production halting elements. One must increase the use of fluid to deal with this side effect. The frequent use of fluids would prevent dehydration too.

5. Halt Baby Development:

A study from an American institute advised women to avoided marijuana during pregnancy due to potential risk to the development of the baby. CBD is known to move across placental barriers. Further studies are required to clarify the exact threat from CBD to pregnancy.

6. Increase in Liver Enzyme:

CBD may help to raise the level of liver enzymes, that can cause liver inflammation. Liver patients should be cautious while using CBD. They should take them ideally under the observation of a doctor who can regularly check the level of blood liver enzymes.

7. Low Blood Pressure

The side effect of taking high doses of CBD is a minimal drop in blood pressure. This is harmful to the people with blood pressure issues either low or high. As the effect of high blood pressure medicine would be multiplied and the blood pressure will drop too low.

8. Nausea

Nausea is a common side effect of CBD. This can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other digestive problems. The one reason is this is an unregulated Supplement. So it is very likely that one takes in an amount far in excess of what the body can handle.

9. Negative Interactions with Other Medicines:

The liver has a cytochrome system called P-450, that process and metabolizes the drugs in the body. CBD is known to inhibit the system’s ability to process certain drugs. That leads to a higher level of some substances in the body. This cause the side effect of an overdose on those drugs.

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