Beehive scale helps beekeepers understand the colony’s situation

Use a Beehive Scale to Weigh Your Beehive

The weight of your beehive is a solid indication of the overall health of your bee colony, the productivity level of your bees, the amount of honey they produce, and the number of bees that make up the population. Monitoring a hive’s weight with the use of a beehive scale helps beekeepers understand the colony’s situation and identify the perfect solution for their specific needs.…

Bees robbery

How to Spot Bees Robbery

Bees robbery is a condition wherein invaders coming from other beehives attack another hive. There are many reasons why this invasion is a serious concern for bee colonies. These include the following:

  • If the beehive fails to defend itself during a robbing situation, an invading army may strip away the food of the colony. 
  • A hive that defends itself from robbery is going to fight to death. The battle may lead to the loss of many tiny lives and might even end up destroying the whole colony. 
  • Being robbed can change a hive’s disposition. The bees may become aggressive, nasty,