Oxalic acid gas vaporizer

Oxalic Acid Gas Vaporizer for Varroa Mite Treatment

The oxalic acid gas vaporizer is a highly effective strategy for the management and treatment of the dreaded Varroa mites in bee colonies. 

Fogging and vaporization are the two primary methods of application available for beekeepers that control mites using oxalic acid. However, vaporization is often the preferred approach because it ensures that the acid reaches every nook and corner of the hive, including the uncapped cells. …

Bees monitoring

Things to Check during Bees Monitoring

Assessing the strength of your hive through proper and regular bees monitoring is one of the most essential skills that new beekeepers should learn. 

There are a lot of help resources for novice beekeepers that reference weak hives versus strong hives and instruct the beekeeper to reach a decision according to how robust their colony is. But the question now is how can you determine if your hive is strong or weak? How should you evaluate your colony’s performance?

The following are some of the important things you should check when monitoring your bees to determine if your hive is …

Beech Tar gets extracted from the beech trees

Use Beech Tar for the Best Hunting Experience

Beech tar is a product that comes in handy if you are planning to go on wild boar hunting. As you know, feral hog hunting can be a treacherous sport, even for seasoned hunters. This is why beginner hunters must be extra careful when they track animals. Wild boars can be quite aggressive, especially when their piglets are in harm’s way or when they feel challenged. 

Good thing that a rich layer of beech tar applied on a tree trunk might be the only thing you need to attract boars. This boar tar will serve as the signal to the …

Beehive scale helps beekeepers understand the colony’s situation

Use a Beehive Scale to Weigh Your Beehive

The weight of your beehive is a solid indication of the overall health of your bee colony, the productivity level of your bees, the amount of honey they produce, and the number of bees that make up the population. Monitoring a hive’s weight with the use of a beehive scale helps beekeepers understand the colony’s situation and identify the perfect solution for their specific needs.…

Bees robbery

How to Spot Bees Robbery

Bees robbery is a condition wherein invaders coming from other beehives attack another hive. There are many reasons why this invasion is a serious concern for bee colonies. These include the following:

  • If the beehive fails to defend itself during a robbing situation, an invading army may strip away the food of the colony. 
  • A hive that defends itself from robbery is going to fight to death. The battle may lead to the loss of many tiny lives and might even end up destroying the whole colony. 
  • Being robbed can change a hive’s disposition. The bees may become aggressive, nasty,