Benefits of Glasses with Sunglasses Clip

There many reasons why wearing sunglasses make sense but what if you are already using prescription eyeglasses? Since wearing two sets of glasses at the same time is out of the question, glasses with sunglasses clip can come in handy. 

Below are some of the top advantages that clip-on sunglasses have to offer that will surely convince you to get a pair right away:


While sunglasses may be a wonderful fashion accessory, the mere use of prescription lenses can still leave you with no choice but to switch back and forth between your regular eyeglasses. Clip-ons can save you from the hassle by easily and simply supplementing your normal prescription glasses. These can also take up lesser space considering how these are just a simple pair of lenses, saving you from the need to find a pocket space. 

Clip-on sunglasses for woman
Clip-on glasses that turn your glasses into sunglasses instantly


Although not necessarily a universal truth, clip-on sunglasses are usually a cheaper alternative compared to traditional sunglasses. Considering how these are made from lesser materials and require proper use of the glasses, it is often the reason why their price points are lower. If you ever have to choose between one over the other, their monetary factor can be a great point for glasses with sunglasses clip, especially because many of them are of the same quality to sunglasses when it comes to effectiveness. 


There is no need for clip-on sunglasses to be functional alone. Most of them are very appealing, combining things in terms of the shape and color of the lens to make up for the absence of frames.

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Discover Crullé Clip-on glasses

One of the best ways to accessorize is to match your clip-ons with your existing frames. Having the choice to totally change the shape of the lens on the fly can make things even more interesting. 

What Risks Do Clip-On Sunglasses Protect Against?

Many of today’s clip-on sunglasses are made to offer you protection from the light from glass-working, welding, molten metal, and other equally bright operations. There are multiple lens colors to choose from to let you tailor the level of protection to the expected type of exposure to light. Every color works best against a certain band of light wavelengths, which makes it essential to pick the most suitable one for the specific task at hand. 

Do Glasses with Sunglasses Clip Have Any Limitations?

There are several limitations you need to keep in mind. Many styles don’t offer protection from exposure from the side. This means that there might be a need for additional side panels if you expect this sort of danger. But if all exposures only come from in front of the user, the clip-ons can do the job just fine. Many companies also have policies that state if extra side panels are necessary that will be fit on the standard glasses’ temples. 

You see, there are a lot of reasons for you to try and use glasses with sunglasses clip, and the three benefits above only give you a clue about the things they can do for you.

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