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How to Choose the Correct Shoe Size When Shopping Online?

Although nothing can beat that wonderful feeling of slipping on a new pair of shoes to try them on in person, there is also nothing quite like shopping for shoes online considering the extensive variety of brands and styles for you to choose from. But, how do you determine the right shoe size online? 

There are times when shopping online can feel like a gamble as far as getting the right shoe size is concerned since not all brands have the same fit or measurements.

To ensure that you don’t get disappointed when opening the box of your new shoes, make sure you read this short guide on how to pick the right shoe size online. 

Find the Right Chart for Shoe Sizes 

Depending on the location of the company you are ordering from, they might advertise their shoe sizes differently. European, UK, and American sizes are the three most common charts for shoe sizes. 

Before you start to measure your foot, see to it that you check the shoe sizes advertised on the site you are ordering from. 

Shoe size online

For instance, a size 6 in the UK and Ireland is already 39 in European sizes while this is equivalent to 8.5 in US sizing system. The last thing you want is to be all too excited for your package to arrive only to find out that the shoes are too big for you. 

If you are not that sure, don’t worry because many websites offer a size guide for their shoes that can be linked at the lower part of the footer or on every product page.

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Things to Know Before You Measure Your Feet

  1. It is recommended that measuring your feet is done after walking for an entire day. Walking increases your feet’s size. If you measure your feet after a day of walking, you will be able to know if your shoes will remain comfortable in spite of being active. 
  2. If you plan to wear your shoes you plan to wear with socks such as trainers or boots, you need to measure your feet with your socks on. It will help ensure that you choose the shoe size online that will perfectly fit you.
  3. You should only measure barefoot if you are planning to wear your shoes on bare feet such as summer shoes or sandals. 
  4. Shoe size measurements can have a difference that could be as small as 1/8 of one inch. Trying to round up or down reduces the measurement’s accuracy and you might find it hard to get the shoe size online that fits you right.
  5. The feet of most people are a bit asymmetrical, which means that one is often bigger or longer than the other. If this is your case, make sure you buy a pair of shoes using the larger foot’s measurements.

Try the Shoes Right Away

You were able to find the right shoe size buying online and they arrived safe and sound. However, even if you were careful enough to measure your shoe size, there are instances when the shoes you received might still not fit.

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So, make sure that you try the shoes on right away as soon as they arrive. Keep the labels and all to make sure that they are the correct fit. If they don’t fit you, you can just return the pair and request for a different size. 

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