Hotel Thermana Park and Pools

Places to Visit After a Pampering Spa Laško

After you get your much needed and deserved pampering spa, you will surely love fact that there are still lots of exciting things that await you in the area. 

Laško is Slovenia’s famous spa region that you can explore in a day. The following are the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay here:

Hotel Thermana Park Laško

Hotel Thermana Park Laško is the best place to stay if you plan to be in the region for several days. There are many facilities you can access here, including the thermal pools and different types of saunas. 

The hotel also provides massage services with each room equipped with excellent features. If you require rehabilitation, there is also a medical center complete with specialized doctors on the site. You can also stay at this facility for long-term in a great environment following a controlled diet. 

Massage in the hotel Thermana Park Laško
Hotel Thermana Park Laško also offers massage services

The diet can also be made depending on your requirements. Through a good diet combined with regular access to thermal pools and spa Laško, you can look forward to better health during your long stay. 

Laško Brewery Tour

Going for a brewery tour is one of the best things you can do during your stay in Laško. In fact, the place is where you can find one of the most famous beers int the Balkans that is almost equivalent to Ams’erdam’s Heineken. 

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Laško brewery is Slovenia’s oldest brewer with a history that dates back to 200 years. The brewery tour will teach you the process of brewing and enjoy the finished product. There is also a brewery exhibition you will surely love. 

Laško Church

St. Martin’s church is found at the heart of the old town. This 12th century church features Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque architecture. The church is also surrounded with plenty of traditional colorful houses of Slovenian-stye. The area is also dotted with some restaurants and cafes. 

Savinja River

Savinja River not only flows through the Laško region but also through Celje, the country’s third biggest city. Photograph enthusiasts will surely fall in love with the panoramic reflections on the river. You can capture some stunning reflection shots of this colorful old town aside from the equally scenic mountains on the backdrop. The reflection of Laško brewery in the river is something worthy to photograph as well. Savinja river is popular for giving off the best reflections during summer months when there is only little rain in the area. 

Tabor Castle 

An uphill climb for 15 minutes from the town center will lead you to Tabor Castle or also called Laško Castle. Once you reach the castle, you will surely be captivated by the wonderful view of Savinja river and the town. If you feel a bit thirsty or hungry after the uphill climb, the castle also houses a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat or drink. This castle dates back to 11th century and used to protect the city from the Turks during the era of Ottoman Empire. 

Spa Laško is not just the best thing about the place as it also has many exciting attractions worthy to visit.

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