Why Do You Need Automated Watering Systems?

Most homeowners have always assumed that watering their lawns using their good old hose is much cheaper compared to installing automated watering systems. What they don’t realize is that having an automated watering system is actually a more effective and efficient way to lower their water expenses, avoid uneven watering, and maintain better health of their lawn. On top of that, installing a quality irrigation system can increase a property’s value and help save time. 

Here are the top reasons why you should consider installing an automated watering system in your home:

Enjoy Lower Water Bills for Years

A professionally installed automated sprinkler or irrigation system can help ensure the following:

  • Only those areas that require water will receive it. After all, the last thing you want is to have puddles on your sidewalk. 
  • Water can be distributed efficiently thanks to the presence of nozzles. 
  • Your lawn will be watered during the best and most suitable times if a timer is installed. For example, watering your lawn during the early hours of the morning can prevent distribution and evaporation. 

These will all add up to big savings on the water bill that you can enjoy for as long as your automated irrigation system is working. 

No More Uneven Watering Ever Again

During the installation of automated watering systems, professionals spend time in layout planning to ensure that the radius of every nozzle will distribute the water where it should go, with everything done in an even manner. This can then help prevent under or overwatering. When designing this layout, they will also consider the presence of slopes as well as other factors that may cause flowing of water without being properly absorbed by the soil. 

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Although watering evenly is possible using a hose, it can be quite time consuming, not to mention that it might not be as reliable as using programmed watering systems. 

Healthier and Lusher Lawn All Year Round 

As the old adage goes, prevention is cheaper than cure. By properly caring for and watering your lawn, you will have lesser chances of having to spend more money trying to bring it back to life or replace it. Using your old hose to water the lawn puts you at risk of uneven watering. 

Aside from the inefficient use of your water resources, this can also prevent the soil from retaining the much-needed nutrients, leading to withering. Professionally installed watering systems can give you the peace of mind knowing that the soil and your lawn as a whole will remain healthy and well. 

More Benefits Await You 

Aside from maintaining the health of your lawn and reducing your water expenses, using the right automated watering systems can also increase your home’s value and help you save time. Many new homebuyers today look for a house complete with modern amenities such as irrigation systems. They don’t have the luxury of time spending several hours every week just to water their lawn using a hose. With irrigation systems, you can attract more buyers and get the best selling price for your property.

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