Hydraulic Pallet Trucks are used in personal storage and retail operations, ...

Types of Pallet Truck

The pallet truck, also known as a pallet pump, pallet jack, jigger or dog is a tool used to lift and move pallets from one point to another in a warehouse. This is a very basic form of a forklift. Manual pallet trucks are known to exist around 1918. Initially, they used mechanical linkage for functioning but now there are electric and hydraulic jacks to lift and move the load.

Types of Pallet Trucks

1. Manual Pallet Trucks 

a. Mechanical Pallet Trucks

This was the very early type of pallet truck. It used mechanical linkage to lift the loads and then they were pushed manually for movement.

Mechanical Pallet Trucks is being used where only lighter loads are to be lifted
Mechanical Pallet Trucks

They are still being used in personal and retail warehouses, where only lighter loads are to be lifted and moved to shorter distances. Their capacity is up to 2,500 kg.

b. Hydraulic Pallet Trucks 

These manual trucks use a hand punk hydraulic jack to lift the loads. These are also used in personal storage and retail operations. These pallet trucks are made with a cold bent, welded, and mechanical metal chassis.

Hydraulic Pallet Trucks are used in personal storage and retail operations, ...
Hydraulic Pallet Trucks

They resemble visually to the skateboards. Their capacity ranges up to 3,500 kg. These are mostly used for lifting, lowering, and steering palletized loads over small distances.

2. Electric Pallet Trucks 

a. Walk-Behind Electric Pallet Trucks 

These powered jacks, also known as powered pallet trucks, walkies, single palette jacks or double pallet jacks, are motorized to facilitate the lifting and movement of heavier and stacked pallets.

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This type of pallet truck is ideal for the warehouse where heavy pallets are handled. Their capacity is up to 3,000 kg.

b. Ride on Pallet Trucks 

The rider pallet truck is a big electric Pallet truck with a stand-on platform for the rider. This is the best option for large warehouses where heavier loads are to be moved through a lot of distance quickly.

c. Telescoping High-lift Pallet Trucks 

The high-lift pallet trucks are designed to raise the load pallets up to the height of a bench, say it almost 30 inches of the ground. They can support a load of around 1000kg. These pallet trucks are comparatively expensive but are really easy to operate.

d. Walkie Stacker

This pallet truck is a high lifting, electrically powered machine that can lift the load up to the height of 100 inches. These can work in narrow spaces so easily as they don’t have outrigger arms. These pallet trucks are used in the general warehouse, pharmaceuticals, and cold storages.

e. Weighing pallet Truck

This pallet truck has a built-in weighing system. This makes it super easy to weigh the load while placing it on the forks. They are flexible to use, ergon0omically designed and time-saving.

f. All-Terrain Pallet Truck

This pallet truck has load support of up to 750 kg. it is light-weight but it has a strong design to support evenly distributed load. It has large wheels that can roll over almost every kind of surfaces. It is mostly used in nurseries, gravel pits, and construction sites.


There are many pallet trucks that have varying features. Any industry can use the one which suits their working capacities, area, and labor requirements.

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