apartments for rent Slovenia

Simple Steps to Find Apartments for Rent Slovenia

So you have finally decided to start anew in Slovenia. But before you move, it is important to find the best apartments for rent Slovenia so you can begin the next chapter of your life with no hiccups. 

Since the move itself is already stressful enough, it is important to make the process as simple and easy as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get started. …

Belgian Real Estate: Opportunities for Foreigners

So you want to buy a house, but has no clue where to start? Well then this article is for you! To begin with, in Belgium there are two types of people that can sell you a property. There’s the private person (the “vendeur”) and the company (the “vendeur”). When you buy from the public, it’s called a sale “à l’amiable” or “privé”. When you buy from a real estate agency, it is called an auction. Sometimes they call it an auction when you buy from a private person too, but this is not entirely correct. It’s just that these …

Hotel Thermana Park and Pools

Places to Visit After a Pampering Spa Laško

After you get your much needed and deserved pampering spa, you will surely love fact that there are still lots of exciting things that await you in the area. 

Laško is Slovenia’s famous spa region that you can explore in a day. The following are the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay here:…

Benefits of Glasses with Sunglasses Clip

There many reasons why wearing sunglasses make sense but what if you are already using prescription eyeglasses? Since wearing two sets of glasses at the same time is out of the question, glasses with sunglasses clip can come in handy. 

Below are some of the top advantages that clip-on sunglasses have to offer that will surely convince you to get a pair right away:…

Full Service Lawn Care Company

The best lawn care and snow removal services in Downriver MI will be provided by Cutting Edge Property Maintenance. They provide a variety of landscaping services including weekly lawn care, mulching, yard clean-up, whole landscape installation and more! They have been providing landscaping services for several years. Their goal is to provide top quality workmanship for all of their projects while always continuing to learn new techniques/skills. They pride ourselves on giving every job the personal touch and going the extra mile to make a great project into an amazing work of art. They do this by using the best …

Artificial Christmas pine

Why an Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is a Better Option

Artificial Christmas pine trees offer a long list of benefits over live trees. The very first one is the fact that you don’t need to cut down a live tree if you go for an artificial option. 

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the main reasons why it makes perfect sense to put up a faux Christmas tree instead of a real tree during the holiday season.…

Bees monitoring

Things to Check during Bees Monitoring

Assessing the strength of your hive through proper and regular bees monitoring is one of the most essential skills that new beekeepers should learn. 

There are a lot of help resources for novice beekeepers that reference weak hives versus strong hives and instruct the beekeeper to reach a decision according to how robust their colony is. But the question now is how can you determine if your hive is strong or weak? How should you evaluate your colony’s performance?

The following are some of the important things you should check when monitoring your bees to determine if your hive is …

The front door adds a special touch to your home

Top Qualities to Look for in an External Door

A high quality Inotherm external door is not just the key to ensure the security of your house. You might not even know it but doors can also make a unique statement that shows off your distinct style preferences. In fact, a quality door has a significant effect on the overall curb appeal of your home to the point that it can even increase its resale value.

If you are planning to replace your external front and back doors, there are several key qualities that you need to look for. Use the tips below to serve as your guide when …

Beech Tar gets extracted from the beech trees

Use Beech Tar for the Best Hunting Experience

Beech tar is a product that comes in handy if you are planning to go on wild boar hunting. As you know, feral hog hunting can be a treacherous sport, even for seasoned hunters. This is why beginner hunters must be extra careful when they track animals. Wild boars can be quite aggressive, especially when their piglets are in harm’s way or when they feel challenged. 

Good thing that a rich layer of beech tar applied on a tree trunk might be the only thing you need to attract boars. This boar tar will serve as the signal to the …

Potted Yucca Plants – How To Care For A Yucca Houseplant

One popular but extremely hardy indoor plant is the American yucca. Though more expensive than some common indoor plants, American yucca tend to be fairly easy plants to care for. They’re drought-tolerant and may even be somewhat tolerant to lower light levels. Like other yucca species, the bright and cheerful reds and oranges of the American yucca also attract bees and butterflies. These helpful neighbors will spend a great deal of time collecting nectar and pollen from both males and females, and young leaves will often scent- sting for nectar.…